2017 Contestants

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  Baillie, Tyler – Clarinet      
  Chai, Alec – Oboe      
  Davison, Morgan – Bassoon      
  Di, Yue – Trumpet      
 1 Freyling, Kamalia – Clarinet      
  Goo, Josh – Clarinet      
  Hwang, Hyunyoung – Clarinet      
  Slouka, Tatia – Bassoon      
  Solomon, Kayla – Trumpet      
  Song, Yidi – Flute      
 HM  Sparrow, Samuel – Clarinet      
 3 Sturza, Traian – Bassoon      
  White, Kyli – French Horn      
 2 Wong, Chun Sum (Chris) – Flute      
  Yoo, Moon Sun – Clarinet      
  Zimmerman, Kip – Oboe      

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